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Key Lime Chaos

Police Road King turned lowrider bagger

“Well, I'm definitely not a builder, but I did design it 100 percent,” Russell Godsil tells us. “This is my second Harley. My first bike was an ’87 Softail, and, yes, I went all out on it also. I really wanted a bagger though, so the hunt was on.” His quest for a suitable lab rat spanned the Interwebs, lasting all of a month. Finally, he found this one: a 2001 Florida Highway Patrol Road King. Other men might have seen a worn-out old bagger; all Godsil saw in it was potential. What he didn't see was the chaos monsoon that lay ahead.

It wasn’t an actual monsoon, though he's probably seen his share of tropical storms in Florida. His personal disaster was the two-legged variety: a guy who said one thing—“Oh, yeah, I'm a certified mechanic…”—and meant another—“…sorta kinda-ish.”

Like any good hurricane, this one started calmly enough. Godsil bought the bike, envisioned it, planned it, and procured the parts for it. “I've always been a large fan of the lowrider vehicles and culture,” Godsil says. “With this bike I knew I was going to go straight cholo lowrider style. I had a vision and wasn't stopping ’til I achieved it. I know other people have been through the same thing. It takes way too damn long. I couldn't wait to be done and riding.”

“With this bike I knew I was going to go straight cholo lowrider style. I had a vision and wasn't stopping ’til I achieved it. I know other people have been through the same thing. It takes way too damn long. I couldn't wait to be done and riding.”

Dark clouds blew in when a friend introduced Godsil to the alleged certified mechanic. The mayhem started at tear down. While the man knew a lot, unfortunately he didn't know everything. All of his good work was offset by mistakes. About halfway through the build, Godsil sought more help.

Godsil took all of the tins to his buddy's paint shop and told him what he wanted: crazy Key Lime with mad flake top to bottom, lace patterns, and airbrushery. Godsil was nothing if not ambitious. Maybe too much so: “I went insane with powdercoat. Some of my boys were telling me it was too much, but I seen what I seen. Over 140-something pieces were powdercoated. Maybe a lil' excessive but well worth it.”

The chaotic maelstrom subsided eight months after it started. Godsil’s bike was really coming together. He hit a snag with the wiring, but going into month nine he was really diggin' his bagger.

For the most part. “I was pretty happy with what I had came up with but felt like I was missing something,” Godsil says. “Pinstriping! Damn, what was I thinking?” When Godsil picked his finished ride up from the paint shop, he was way stoked: “Everything in my nutcase of a brain was in front of me.”

In the long run, it was a pain in the ass. A glorious, completely worthwhile, cool pain in the ass. Godsil would absolutely do it again. And again, and again, and again. “I had a great time doing this bike and have received nothing but great reactions,” he says. “I hope you enjoy my 01 Road King as much as I do.”


Owner Russell Godsil
Shop Blue Blood Kustoms
Shop Phone (904) 422-6662
Website N/A
Year/Make/Model 2001/Harley-Davidson/FLHP
Fabrication Hardcore Customs
Build Time 9 months
Year/Type/Size 2001/Twin Cam/88 in.
Builder H-D
Cases H-D
Cylinders H-D
Heads H-D
Rocker Boxes H-D
Cams H-D
Throttle Body H-D
Air Cleaner Arlen Ness
EFI Controller Power Commander
Exhaust True Dual Sampson Fishtails
Year/Type 2001/H-D|
Gears H-D
Clutch H-D
Primary Drive H-D
Year/Type 2001/H-D Touring
Rake/Stretch Stock
Front end Chrome single caliper
Length Stock
Triple Trees Stock
Swingarm Stock
Rear Shocks Ness lowering blocks
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes SPECIFICATIONS
Front Builder/Size Ride Wright/21 x 3.5 in.
Tire/Size 120/70-21 WW
Calipers H-D
Rotors H-D
Rear Builder/Size H-D
Tire/Size 130/90-16 WW
Caliper H-D White Powdercoat
Rotor H-D
Pulley H-D White Powdercoat
Manufacturer PPG Single Source
Colors Hot Lime w/ Candy Key Lime clear coat
Paint/Graphics Hardcore Customs |
Plating/Polishing Badfish Powder Coat
Powdercoating Badfish Powder Coat
Front Fender Klock Werks Slicer
Rear Fender Custom by Hardcore Customs
Gas Tank H-D
Dash White powdercoat
Gauges Drag Specialties|
Handlebars Hill Country 14-in. bagger
Grips H-D White Nostalgia
Mirrors Old School 4-in. round
Hand Controls Hill Country
Foot Controls H-D White powdercoat
Floorboards H-D White Nostalgia
Headlight H-D LED Phase 7
Taillight H-D LED
Turn Signals H-D LED
License Mount H-D White Powdercoat
Seat Le Pera Daddy Long Leg Arki Upholstery
Stereo Infinity
Amplifier Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4
Speakers Polk Audio (2) 6-1/2 and (2) 5-1/4


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