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Harley-Davidson Twin Cam Big Twin Clutch Hub Adjustment Tool

This specialty tool from Blue-Point makes adjusting your clutch a breeze

With the new Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight models having now established themselves as successful and desirable machines, the older Twin Cam models have gone down somewhat in value. But that’s not necessarily bad news; the Twin Cam was and still is a great powertrain, and those looking to get a used Harley can thank the Milwaukee-Eight for making the Twin Cam much more affordable, and attainable. For example, I have a 2009 Road King that had maintained a steady $15K value over the years (that’s for a stock machine in excellent condition, offered in private party resale, as valued by Kelley Blue Book). I recently checked again, and the bike’s valuation has dropped to $10K. Now, the Twin Cam doesn’t hold a candlestick to the new Milwaukee-Eight, but if your budget is tight, a Twin Cam can definitely make you happy.

Blue-Point Pass-through socket set

The Pass-Through Socket Set from Blue-Point runs $112 and is a great addition to the home shop. It comes with a total of 19 sockets, a 3-inch extension, an adapter, and the socket wrench. It is all packed in a sturdy storage case.


Crescent socket set

A less expensive socket set option is available from Crescent. It can be found on Amazon.


On the older Twin Cam models, you don’t get a fancy hydraulic clutch (well, you don’t get a lot of things, but I digress), so that means you need to adjust your clutch at the cable as well as the clutch hub periodically. There are many ways to adjust the clutch at the hub without the setup we’re going to talk about today, but I happen to like tools and I know some of you do too. This Pass-Through Socket Set from Blue-Point is relatively inexpensive, coming in at $112, and can be used for lots of other applications beside this one. It makes the clutch hub adjustment super easy, precise, and fast.

The Pass-Through Socket Set is a great investment if you work on your own things, and I’ve used it on my bike, my truck, and even some little furniture-building projects. If the price is too steep, you can find a cheaper pass-through socket set available on Amazon.


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