Harley-Davidson Brings Touring To The Dirt With The 2020 Pan America | Baggers

Harley-Davidson Brings Touring To The Dirt With The 2020 Pan America

H-D announces production of a 1,250cc adventure bike and more

This morning Harley-Davidson has announced that it’s expanding its lineup past cruisers and baggers and into…well, the dirt. Planned for release in 2020, the adventure-touring motorcycle breaks new ground for H-D and brings them into a category it has never really occupied, Buell included. In addition to the new adventure bike, it’s also announced production of a 975cc Streetfighter naked sportbike and a 1,250cc custom cruiser for 2020, as well as the debut of the LiveWire electric motorcycle in 2019.

The Pan America adventure-touring bike hosts an all-new liquid-cooled 1,250cc engine that we don’t know too much about yet, but it appears to be load-bearing and have overhead cams, rather than pushrods. It’s hard to get too specific because everything is speculation at this point, but it appears to have mounting point for panniers (or as we here like to call them, saddlebags). A crash bar protects the radiator, as does a large skid plate underneath. It’s hard to tell if the front fairing is fork- or fairing-mounted, but the low, wide headlight has a little crash bar to protect it as well. The large, three-piece windshield looks to be adjustable, and the seat looks to be much higher than any current H-D models. Wheels look to be 17–19 inches, but it’s hard to tell exactly—the rear looks to be an inch or two smaller than the front, but they’re both equipped with top-notch Brembo brakes.

While this style of bike will be new for most people who currently identify with Harley-Davidson touring, adventure biking is a huge category for motorcycling and we’re stoked we can now go places never before available with The Motor Company.

Head over to Hot Bike to see more info on the new sportbike, LiveWire electric, and 1,250cc cruiser!


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