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Godfather Baggers' Street Glide Of Angels And Demons

Bad boys and good girls in one Harley-Davidson

Street Glide of Angels and Demons sounds like something out of a fantasy game or a comic book. It’s also not the actual name of this Harley-Davidson-based bagger project. Unlike yours truly, Godfather Baggers wisely resisted the urge to go with that nerdy title when Sean Maxwell started the project.

However, focus your peepers on the paint and you’ll see it lives by the old saying that good girls love bad boys. The front fender and pipe side of the bagger are home to airbrush art depicting said good girls, while the left side is a Dream Team of some of the wickedest male characters from film and TV.

And then on the back is an illustration of Sean’s wife. As far as he’s concerned she’s the baddest chick on the planet and the paint scheme really originated with her posed on the back of the bike. She insisted on doing the pose, that she be the one painted on there. And it is this image that ties all the other paintwork together, since the theme of the bike comes around all the way to the back, where the good girl (wifey) falls in love with a disreputable scoundrel (Sean).

For me, though, the best part is that I finally get to use “disreputable scoundrel” in a sentence.

angels and demons harley-davidson street glide

Hello, ladies.

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carbon-fiber heat shields

Here you get a real feel for the carbon-fiber heat shields and how the floorboards match them.

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Insane Asylum stretched tank

Insane Asylum’s stretched tank in all its smoothness.

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sean maxwells wife painted on back of motorcycle

Sean Maxwell’s personal angel guards the back.

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custom painted harley-davidson street glide

“What does Sean Maxwell’s bagger look like?”

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celebrity villains on motorcycle saddlebag

Can you name all these bad guys?

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celebrity men and women painted on front of motorcycle

Two sides of a very expensive coin.

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angels and demons harley-davidson street glide

Everyone has a dark side. Maxwell’s has a clutch lever.

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fender and spoiler flowing together

Notice how the fender and the spoiler flow together. That’s no accident.

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motorcycle headlight

There’s not much margin for error with the close fit of this front end setup.

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