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Binford's Big Red Street Glide

H-D bagger starts with a spilled cappuccino

For as slick as each issue of Baggers looks when it heads out for printing, it's an illusion. At least, partially. While it might look (hopefully) like the ads and stories are all one big happy team effort, in reality ad sales and editorial don't always agree. Sometimes, ad sales sees us editorial types as overly privileged soapbox jockeys, riding test bikes and enjoying free parts to play with on our scoots, while they do all the real work. On occasion, we see them as cash-grabbing opportunists working any slick angle they can to make their commission, kissing advertiser ass while we perch on our soapboxes impressing ourselves with whatever words spew forth from our gigantic, ego-inflated heads. Both of these stereotypes are based in reality, though neither is absolute truth or fiction. So when I heard that the Binford's IT/ad guy dropped this Street Glide while spilling a cappuccino on it at the local Starbucks, I was far more amused than surprised. In the 15 years I've been writing for the bike books, I've known some ad sales guys who'd ride circles around me; they were great riders by any sensible standard. I've also known a few who've made this exact same mistake or some close variant of it, so strong were they with the poseur side of The Force. With its $40K price tag, that bad day at the coffee joint resulted in what's either the world's most expensive cappuccino or an inexpensive Binford's bagger.

Luckily, the guy worked at a great custom bike shop. For the past two decades, Paul Binford and Tanner Shackley have rocked California's Central Valley with plenty of hot custom bikes. Putting this Glide back together again wouldn't be a huge deal. But where's the fun in a straight-out repair job?

Two brothers around the shop were looking for a big-wheel bagger, and they really didn't know which way to go. Paul ended up paying off his yuppie little buddy for his scoot, and the build was on. Naturally, Binford put his twist on it as if it were his own bike.

After some damage assessment and a tear-down, Binford's turned the Street Glide's Twin Cam mill into a 95-inch powerhouse, courtesy of Shackley barrels, Branch heads, and Woods cams.

Binford's stretched the bones 2 inches and raked the neck to 40 degrees, not just to sleek out the profile but also to run one of Paul's new wheels from Sinister, which will have a line in its 2016 catalog. Combined with the KewlMetal raked trees, the bike's new stance is sweet. The new front hoop doesn't overpower the rest of the bike.

Rico, painter for Binford's, really stepped it up for this beauty too. Not only is the flakey white his doing, but Paul sicced him on the graphics, skulls, and brass knuckles that make it impossible not to look at this bike. He did a terrific job matching the paint job to all the powdercoat found throughout the rest of the machine. Factor in Binford's Knuckle Gear parts that are sprinkled throughout the bagger, and this Street Glide is a serious eye catcher.

Grabbing eyeballs is exactly what this bike did when it debuted at the Sacramento Easyrider Show. That's when the love connection with its new owner, Kyle Galbiso, started. And if he's spilled a drink on it at the Starbucks drive-through, he hasn't told anyone yet.


Bike Owner Kyle Galbiso
Shop Name Binford’s Custom Cycles
Shop Phone (209) 239-7828
Shop website
Year/Make/Model 2006/Harley-Davidson/Street Glide
Fabrication Binford's, Paul-Tanner
Assembly Binford's, Paul-Tanner
Build Time 60 days

Year/Manufacturer 2006/H-D
Type/Size Twin Cam/95 in.
Builder Binford's
Cases H-D
Cylinders Shackley
Heads Branch
Rocker Boxes H-D
Air Cleaner Wimmer
Exhaust Thunder Header
Special Features Woods cams
Year/Manufacturer/Type 2006/H-D/5-speed
Case H-D
Clutch Barnett-AIM
Primary Drive BDL
Year/Manufacturer 2006/H-D
Rake 40º
Stretch 2 in.
Manufacturer Front Showa
Length 2 in. over
Triple Trees Pro Street/KewlMetal
Manufacturer Rear Legend Air
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes SPECIFICATIONS
Manufacturer Front-Type Binford/Sinister/5150
Wheel Height/Width 26 x 3.5 in.
Tire Height/Width Vee Rubber 120
Caliper RevTech
Rotor Binford’s/5150
Manufacturer Rear Binford’s/Sinister/5150
Wheel Height/Width 18 x 4.25 in.
Tire Height/Width Metzeler 150
Caliper RevTech
Rotor Binford’s/5150
Color Flakey Binford White
Painter Binford's/Rico
Graphics Binford's/Rico
Front Fender Fat Katz
Rear Fender Ness
Fairing/Windscreen Klock Werks
Gauges Medallion
Gas Tank/Cap Binford's
Dash Binford's
Handlebars Binford's Meat Hooks
Hand Controls/Grips Performance Machine
Floor boards/Pegs Binford's/Knuckle Gear
Headlight H-D
Taillight Ness
Turn Signals Ness
License Mount Ness
Seat Corbin
Saddlebags Binford's
Saddlebag Latches Binford's/Knuckle Gear
Audio Fosgate-Power
Speakers Fosgate-Power
Head Unit Alpine
Amp Fosgate-Power

For more information on Binford's Custom Cycle, check out their website